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A cycling resource for the large community of mountain bikers in and around Nashville, TN.

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Our goal is that vistors of NMB stop by the Message Board to have a look around. You'll find a wealth of information from other riders in the area. Topics include bike trail info, upcoming events, gear/wrench, photos and videos, open discussion and more.

Why Ride Alone?

Meet Other Riders
How many times have you heard, or said, something like "I haven't ridden much lately because I haven't had anyone to ride with"?

While some people enjoy the peace and serenity of riding alone, it seems that most would rather ride with a buddy, or sometimes even a group of other riders. That is the #1 reason that NMB is here, to meet other riders.

Riding Styles, Levels?
Are you into xc racing? New to mountain biking? Enjoy a leisure pace? How about free riding, jumping, dropping, urban riding?

Many different styles of riders in the Nashville area use the NMB message board, so there should be someone out there who rides like you do!

A Community - Not a Club

No Application Needed
NMB is simply a website for mountain bikers. No fees, no fuss. Just register with your favorite user name and log on to the board!

It doesn't matter what team you race with, what bike club(s) you belong to, which bike shop you use, or work at. Just hop online anytime and say hello!

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Important Stuff:


If you are looking for general information, maps, driving directions, and more for Tennessee bike trails, look no furthur - We have published A Complete Guide to Tennessee Mountain Bike Trails on TennesseeMountainBike.com.

Tennessee is filled with great mountain biking trails for all skill levels. There are some smooth, fast, flowing trails, and for the more adventurous type, a few trails filled with rocks, roots, and drops. Finding a bike trail to suit your riding style is always easy in the Tennessee.

Help us keep trail information updated on the Bike Trails section of the TNMB Message Board. You'll find info about trail maintenance days, trail conditions, reroutes, and more. As trails change throughout the year it's easy to get behind with website updates!

Tennessee Mountain Bike Trails

swiftwick - do what moves you.

IMBA SORBA Middle TN    
SORBA/IMBA Hamilton Creek Brewery - Nashville's trailside brewhouse.                    

Ride For Reading

Mountain biking in Nashville, a few photos:

Cade races with the big boys
Cade races with the big boys
Jeff Scott at the hill climb
Jeff Scott at the 2009 SORBA/Hamilton Creek Fest
Jade races
Jade racing at the fat tire fest
Drew races
Drew racing with Dad, Kelly Benward
Taylor drops in
Taylor drops in
Mike Millspaugh, aka Big Poppy wins
Mike Millspaugh, aka Big Poppy, wins at Chickasaw
Charlie Capps and others racing
Charlie Capps and others racing
Chris Cooper flies
Chris Cooper flies at Chickasaw

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We'd like to thank all of the local bike shops for their support. Here's a list of all of them!!

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